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Pamper yourself with our top quality treatments.

About us
We work with Enthusiasm, Passion and Care.
We do perfectly clean manicures, pedicures, nail polish, gel polish, facials, massage, spa treatments for hands and feet, eyebrows shaping and tinting.

We are an international team of professionals and beauty lovers. We are not only aimed at giving you an explosion of endorphins, but also get it from you, happy satisfied customers of our salon!

Happiness at your fingertips
We are looking forward to welcome you at our place!
We are specialising on precise and long-lasting manicures and pedicures, whether with nail polish or gel polish.

We pay attention to every tiniest detail around us and we really know how changing to a new nail colour can uplift your mood so quickly, as silly as it may sound. It is our pleasure to make the world around them more beautiful and it is our mission to make you leave the salon with an incredible mood and nails that look nothing but perfect.
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Good to know!
1. While shaping eyebrows, our specialists use threading techniques and tweezers.

2. During epilation of your face, we use threading techniques instead of waxing as well, as we believe threading is much less agressive for you face skin.

3. Our specialist always provides you with a through consultation before tinting your eyebrows. Please, note, that sometimes we advice to go for a bit darker shade of the tint, so that after a couple of days the color becomes exactly like you wish! If you choose lighter color, the shade might be not strong enough for your natural brows and dissapear quite quickly.
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What to book?:)
1. If you would like some treatments for your hands, you should primarily choose whether you want a mini-manicure, or a full manicure. Both treatments include: shaping nails, pushing the cuticles, machinery cleaning of a nailbed, buffing, preparing the nail for color application. The difference between two treatments, is that with full manicure we also remove your cuticles. So whether you have dry and long cuticles, and lot of excessive skin on the sides, choose for the full manicure.

2. Would you like some coating? If you need a quick polish for a specific event you could choose for the nail polish, which stays for max. 1 week and is easy to remove at home.
If you prefer your nails to look flaweless in a day-to-day life as well, than go for the gel polish, which stays on 2-3 weeks.
If your nails seem to be weak and breakable, or if they are really long and you would like to keep the length, you can opt for gel polish with extra strength.
If you work closely with water, or your daily activities require a lot of mechanic movement with your hands, you can also choose dip in powder, which is even stronger than gel polish!

3. Do you have gel polish on your nails right now?
Don't forget to book the removal as well!

4. Would you like some nailart? Dont forget to book it separately than. You can always contact us via whats/app, instagram or email and share with us your nailart ideas, so that we make sure to book suitable specialist and sufficient time for you!

5. Would you like a treatment for your feet? That's pretty easy;) With or without the color, our pedicure treatment always includes: complete nails care ( shaping nails, pushing and removing cuticles, cleaning the nailbed and sides of the nails) and complete feet care (removing excessive dry skin, polishing the skin, moisturizing butter). You can opt for extra nail polish or gel polisg coating. Please dont forget to book gel polish removal if you have it on!
Our works
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Our Services

Manicures & Pedicures
Getting your nails done can make you feel so confident and polished. We have not had access to little luxuries in so long. It's time to invest in self-care.

Taking good care of your nails and skin and providing high quality PERFECTLY CLEAN manicures and pedicures is of paramount importance for us.
Proper preparation of your nails is the key to beautiful long-lasting nail polish.
Thus, before applying the coating, we ALWAYS do mini-manicure, manicure or pedicure first. We work with gel polish and nail polish coating.
We do not do nails extensions, we do not use glue and plastic tips, as we are here to provide you with the beautiful and HEALTHY nails.
With eyebrow shaping you take your appearance to a new level of beauty. A well-groomed brow line creates the subtle difference that will affect the overall look of your entire face.
We use only the best quality products and advanced techniques, making sure that the waxing treatments are as painless as they can only be.
Do you want a relaxing moment to yourself? We offer a wide range of therapeutic and relaxing massages to help you feel reborn and energised again.
Regular facials are the key to a clear, smooth and radiant skin throughout the year. Let our experienced facial therapist, dermatologist/cosmetologist with a medical background define the best-for-you facial treatment plan at a free 15 min consultation.

We offer a wide range of facials, such as ultrasonic cleansing, peelings, hydrating treatments, microneedling, carboxytherapy, deep tissue massage and many others.
Our prices
If you want to pamper yourself, grab your chance right now.
Mini Manicure+Gel Polish
1 h - 1 h 20 min
30 min - 45 min
Manicure + Gellak
1 h 30 min - 2 h 15 min
45 min
Pedicure + Gellak
1 h 30 min
Pedicure + Nail Polish
1 h 15 min

Holistic Pulsing (from 30 min, from 35 EUR)
Holistic Pulsing is a gentle rhythmic technique that doesn't only have a positive effect on your body, but also improves an emotional and mental state. This massage is performed with a rocking motion at 120-150 rate per minute and creates a vibrating feeling through your body. Delivers a deep relaxation to your muscles and neuro-system. Vibration movements can help to improve blood circulation, promote hormonal health, reduce stress and muscle tension. It helps to remove mental blocks and heighten your awareness and presence. This massage technique can be safely used for most people of all ages and at any state of health. We advise this massage for those who experience high stress levels, burnout, depression, muscle tension or purely want to reconnect with oneself.
Local massage (from 30min, from 40 EUR)
A classic massage to any zone(s) of the body upon your choice. Eliminates spasm, tension and pain.
Swedish massage (from 60 min, from 65 EUR)
A full body therapeutic massage designed to improve circulation, soothe muscles and make you feel more relaxed. Provides a calming effect, helps to recover from injuries, beat fatigue and release stress. Areas: head and body..
Relaxing massage (from 60 min, from 60 EUR)
Perfect for stress and anxiety relief. Reduction of stress hormones and muscle tension, stimulation of the lymphatic system, improved circulation and recovery of soft tissue injuries. We use the essential oils for this massage.
Foot and leg massage (from 30 min, from 35 EUR)
Addresses issues like swollen ankles and feet. Increases blood flow, lymphatic drainage and range of motion in legs. Helps to de-stress and balance general mood.
Anti-cellulite treatment (from 120 min, from 99 EUR)
A powerful anti-cellulite massage + wrap. Reduces body measurements, boosts lymphatic drainage and smooths the skin surface. A course is recommended for a long lasting and prolonged action.
Anti-cellulite sculpting massage (from 30 min, from 45 EUR)
A powerful hand massage aiming the problematic areas of the body. Eliminates or reduces cellulite, smooths skin surface, giving it a healthier and a brighter appearance. A course is recommended for a long lasting and prolonged action.
Gua Sha massage (from 30 min, from 45 EUR)
A natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a rose quartz massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique offers a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain and fluid retention. Areas: face and neck.
Face massage ( from 30min, from 40 EUR)
Renews and strengthens your skin, helps to smooth wrinkles. Improves blood circulation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Areas: face and neck. A course is recommended for a long lasting and prolonged action.
1st consultation (15 min, free of charge)
Professional consulting to define the best-for-you treatment plan
Ultrasonic cleansing (90 min, 60 EUR)
Gentle exfoliating effect, visibly improving skin texture. Eliminates pollutants and opens the skin pores. Suitable for any skin type, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.
Illuminating peeling (45 min, 50 EUR)
Extraordinary brightness and an even complexion of the skin is provided by an exclusive synergy of AHA-acids. Promotes exfoliating effect and renews the skin intensely, making it look visibly clearer and younger. Bioline Jatò signature treatment.
Deep hydration treatment incl. face massage (90 min, 70 EUR)
A rejuvenating treatment that deeply nourishes your skin, restores elasticity and releases muscle tension. Step 1: Spanish relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté. Step 2: Italian hydrating signature treatment.
Buccal massage. Facelifting effect (from 60 min, from 70 EUR)
A powerful massage technique treatment which is done from outside and inside your mouth area. Specifically targets the drooping of the jowls and provides visible sculpting effect. Stimulates circulation in the face, eliminates spasm and muscle tension, encourages cellular turnover and collagen production. Promotes a youthful-looking glow.
Carboxytherapy. Rejuvenating effect (30min, 35 EUR)
Rejuvenates, restores and reconditions the skin. Brightens and firms the eye contour area.
Microneedling. Rejuvenating effect. Anti-pigmentation and scar treatment (60 min, 110 EUR)
Evens skin tone, smooths texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. A treatment that uses small golden-coated needles to cause tiny punctures in the skin. Boosts natural resources of the skin and stimulates massive collagen production. Enables deep and instant penetration of the skincare products used for the particular needs of your skin.
Spanish relaxing massage for the face, neck and décolleté (60 min, 50 EUR)
Tones facial muscles and relieves tension. Boosts circulation, deflates puffiness, brightens skin tone and helps to detoxify the skin. The massage is done with essential oils.
A relaxing and detoxifying treatment for men (60 min, 60 EUR)
Face and neck relaxing massage. Reduces signs of aging, hydrates and soothes the skin.
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